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BASIL BIOSOLUTIONS are exclusive channel partners and represent FAST track diagnostics in the South of India.

Fast–track diagnostics (FTD) produces an extensive range of advanced multiplex assays, developed for ease of use in laboratories worldwide. Our multiplex tests provide quick, reliable, clinically relevant results to help clinicians minimise uncertainty for patients. Designed for use across a wide variety of PCR platforms, our assays identify a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Fast-track diagnostics (FTD) has become established as one of the leading global suppliers of infectious disease detection kits. Today FTD exports over 60 different kits – including tests used in recent outbreaks for Ebola, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Swine Flu – to over 70 countries worldwide through a network of partnerships and direct to end-customers. FTD kits are used every day in hundreds of public and private hospital and research laboratories around the world, and in global surveillance studies by organisations such as The Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust Research Laboratories and the US Centre for Disease Control. By detecting up to four pathogens in one tube, and up to 33 in a single patient sample, each assay enables labs to provide clinicians with the detailed data – the true positives and true negatives – that they need to make quicker, better informed decisions.Developed with the clinical needs of the patient in mind, our range is based on the syndromic approach with all significant pathogens being detected for each disease category such as respiratory, gastrointestinal or neurological.

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FastTrack Diagnostics Products

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Basil Biosolutions success is backed by a skilled and dedicated manpower that form the core strength of the organization.

Founded by Mr Rajesh Nair who has Over 19 years of experience in sales in the field of Life Sciences industry, across various regions in India and Middle East. In the last assignment with Life Technologies, he was “Business Manager – South Asia” for Genetic Analysis products. Prior to Life Technologies, he had a long stint for 12 years, selling and marketing Applied Biosystems instruments and reagents and Leica Histopathology, microscopy products and held various positions. Also carries long years of customer relationship customer across region in India.

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